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About Japan CDs

Whether you are a fan of rock music, pop music, or even prog-rock, most fans want to hear every song they can by their favorite artists. One place to find hidden gems is from Japan CDs, CDs produced from Japan. CDs from the U.S. or Europe are usually cheaper than Japan's domestic products, but the CDs from Japan often have bonus tracks. For example, on The Madonna Japan CD, "Ray of Light," there is an extra song, "Has To Be," that cannot be found on the domestic U.S. releases, and "Hard Candy" has the bonus track "Ring My Bell' which was only accessible as an iTunes pre-order bonus outside of Japan. The Japanese CD Obi that wraps around each Japanese release is also an important collectible for many people. It includes the album title and artist in Japanese as well as the track listing. Whatever reason you are looking for Japan CDs, you can find them by searching on eBay. There is a long list of reputable sellers with a huge inventory of music collectibles.

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