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About Jammers

When your swimwear is smooth, sleek, and hydrodynamic, you can slice through the water at top speeds. Swim jammers allow you to do just that with the ultimate in streamlined design. Jammers fit snugly and come only to the knee, reducing drag dramatically and allowing you to move with the flexibility and agility you need to get the gold in swimming competitions. Most jammers feature an internal drawstring, compression fit, and chlorine- and sunlight-resistant material for a durable design that doesn't stretch out or lose its shape with time, allowing you to look and feel your best both in and out of the water. You can find a wide variety of brands, including both Nike and Speedo jammers, from reliable sellers on eBay. Browse through new and gently used jammers of all different sizes and colors until you find the pair that suits both your style and your budget. With the right pair of swim jammers you can fly up and down the lane in record time.