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About Jaguar XKE

The 1960s was a spirit-freeing, creative and fun-loving decade. It was the decade of the mini-skirt, the Beatles and the Jaguar XKE. If the 1960s style and spirit appeals to you, this is the perfect car. It is also a design icon that is famous all over the world, although it is more commonly referred to as the E-Type. You can get examples in various states of restoration, as well as parts, from a vast inventory on eBay. Many regard the Jaguar XKE as being one of the most beautiful cars ever built, but it is not a car that is just about looks as it performs well too. In fact it was born out of Jaguar's success on the racing track — they wanted to transform that into an affordable sports car. It was built in 1961 and early models had the 3.8-liter engine from the XK150. Not only did it look better than any other sports car at the time, it was also quicker with a top speed of 150 mph. Later models either had a 4.2-liter six cylinder engine or a V12. The 1967 Jaguar XKE and 1968 Jaguar XKE saw some slight modifications to the design to fit in with new US regulations, but these were minor as it remained a quintessential British sports car.