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About Jaguar XJR

The Jaguar XJ is the sedan of choice for the royal family of England, and if the Queen or another Royal wants to take it up a notch, he or she leaves the chauffeur behind and gets behind the wheel of the Jaguar XJR. With enough room for five passengers, along with the high-quality interiors owners expect from the English car company, the XJR certainly fits the definition of a full-sized luxury sedan. The surprise lies under the hood, with the Jaguar XJR supercharger pushing the vehicle up to 550 bhp for the 2014 version. This makes it the XJ-on-steroids version for the buyer who wants both style and power. Many different models of the Jaguar XJR are available on eBay, including the first XJR X300s sold during the mid-1990s. Besides the vehicles themselves, there are plenty of Jaguar accessories and replacement parts, including Jaguar XJR wheels and rims designed specifically for this high-powered luxury sedan. A blend of power and comfort, the XJR stands tall among other luxury vehicles like Mercedes-Benz and Audi.