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About Jaguar Hood Ornament

Never fear when the cat has your tongue: driving with a Jaguar hood ornament lets your car do all the talking for you. These emblems come in different materials, like chrome, silver, and steel. They feature a leaping jaguar with a low-profile, curled front legs, and strong hindquarters resembling the pouncing position of jaguar animals. The automaker Jaguar adopted its world-famous emblem in the mid-1930s. The logo depicts a leaping jaguar, showing speed, determination, and power, which resemble the characteristics of Jaguar cars. These emblems first appeared on Jaguar sedans, and you can find them today for other cars too, like wagons and SUVs. You can find a Jaguar hood ornament for different models of cars, like the Jaguar XJ hood ornament. This ornament features the signature jaguar leaping position and comes in the characteristic silver colors of other ornaments. However, this emblem features a slightly larger mold and contains screws that fit specifically into mounters for this type of car. Thanks to a large inventory on eBay, you can search for ornaments of this style or search for emblems for other models, like a Jaguar S Type hood ornament.

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