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About Jade Necklaces

Jade ranks among the most noble and precious gems in the world: it first caught the attention of ancient Chinese citizens in 6000 B.C.E., who extracted large quantities of this stone from mines and used it in religious ceremonies and other special occasions. With jade necklaces, you can show your appreciation and affection for this unique stone in many ways. You can find jade necklaces in popular necklace styles including long chains, chokers, pendants, and more. Some necklaces feature a swooping neckline, bearing tiny round beads of jade, fastening to chains made of silver, gold, or other materials. These necklaces close with clasps or hooks in the back. You can find jade in many colors, which indicate the region of extraction and other co-existing minerals. For an exotic look, green jade necklaces make a sound choice. These necklaces come in light, translucent shades and darker colors too. Translucent jade ranks among the rarest and most remarkable varieties, and hails from stones in South America. You can also look for necklaces with religious connotations, like jade cross necklaces. These necklaces indicate the importance of religion to you by using the dazzling jade stone for emphasis. A large inventory of jade necklaces on eBay lets you browse by color, size, manufacturer, and other parameters.