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About Jade Dragon

You had better watch out; a ferocious dragon has draped itself around your neck, guarding you fiercely. A jade dragon necklace is the perfect statement piece to jazz up a little black dress, lending your look a touch of the Orient with this ancient aesthetic. Contrary to popular belief, jade is not always its ubiquitous sea-green color; it can appear in a wide variety of rainbow hues from bright yellow to lavender to chocolate brown, as well as creamy white. A jade dragon pendant can be adjusted to fit whatever length your neckline demands or serve as an intricate counterpoint to a pair of white pearl earrings. The complex carvings of a full jade dragon necklace make it stand out like a work of art against a simple ensemble of white or black linen. The perfect jade dragon is waiting for you, so start looking through the wide variety of options available from reliable sellers on eBay.