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About Jade Bracelets

Jade is an ancient stone used to attract love and money as well as protect its wearer so the addition of a jade bracelet to any accessory collection has personal and fashion implications. Indeed, jade enjoys a long and powerful association as a stone of prosperity in many Asian cultures. Jade jewelry, including jade bangles and jade bead bracelets appear frequently in Asian fashions and among people who believe in Eastern religious traditions. It also has an important placement in fashion in general as the cool, clean green color compliments both casual and formal attire. Choosing to wear a gold jade bracelet, for example, perfectly pairs simple style and materials for a unique look. On eBay, finding a jade bracelet is simple. The many reliable sellers offer new, pre-owned, and antique options to fit most budgets. The cool, clean, simple look of jade not only looks great with many different styles, the connection of this gemstone to prosperity and protection adds a personal element to any outfit.