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About Jade Beads

Did you know that a jade bead necklace is not necessarily green? Jade beads come in every color in the rainbow, and according to Ancient Chinese beliefs, they all have special meanings and metaphysical attributes. For those days when you are feeling particularly morose, you may be tempted to wear dark colored clothing; however, you may want to slip on an orange or yellow jade beaded bracelet. Both colors are to bring cheer, joy, and energy. You can even keep a purple worry stone in your pocket because it brings happiness and can purify your aura. Of course, not everyone believes in the metaphysical and may simply like the bead for no other reason than because of the color or the carving. There are many different carved jade beads on eBay, some of these carvings include like various types of flora and fauna. Throughout the centuries, jewelers have made jade jewelry for royalty and used it as a sacred healing stone. Whether you are a believer of its mystical powers or not, you can always enjoy the beauty in a string of elegance jade beads.