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About Jacket Patches

Bikers wear jacket patches for a number of reasons, but you do not have to own a motorcycle to patch up your own clothing. Not only do patches hide imperfections, they also help make a statement. You can use them to show off your favorite band or sports team, a glimpse of your personality, or simply where you are from. You can also add them to kids' jackets to make them just a little bit cuter. Whatever reason you have for adding patches, you can find a vast inventory on eBay. If you are decorating a biker-style jacket, you can choose from any number of patches, ranging from images that represent bike brands to something a little more edgy such as a snake or a skull. Letterman jackets were all the rage in high school, and you can find patches that help you relive your glory days or simply make up for the fact that you never earned one of your own. Some of them iron on, while others require sewing. Either way, jacket pouches allow you to turn any drab old jacket into something cool in a matter of minutes.