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About Jackall

The crankbait glimmers and flashes as you drag it through the water with that largemouth bass following so closely that you can already taste him on tonight's menu. Jackall baits in your tackle box mean more fish in the cooler and more fun on the boat, no matter what you are fishing for this weekend. Reliable sellers on eBay have a massive collection of Jackall lures ready and waiting to find space in your tackle box and shift your fishing skills from beginner's luck to seasoned fisherman in the time it takes to switch out those leaders. Check out the Jackall Bonnie or the Chubby with their tungsten metal weights that create the perfect in-water vibration to call those big bass. Lifelike swimming action and realistic flashes of color give Jackall baits and lures just the right look for catching those big boys without the hassle of hitting the bait store.

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