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About Jack Stands

Laying on your back looking up into the underside of your car, you can only hope that fate is on your side and your vehicle stays put. When you are working underneath your vehicle, you do not want to question the strength or ability of your jack stands. If you are planning on doing some work on your vehicle, you will want to find car jack stands that are reliable, sturdy, and made to handle the weight of your vehicle. Common weight capabilities of jack stands range from 1.5 to 3 tons, so it is essential that you use a stand that will handle your vehicle's weight. When choosing your jack stand, you will also want to take material into consideration. Aluminum jack stands are heavy-duty and readily available, but steel is also a popular option. Depending on how often you use your stands, hydraulic and ratcheting options give you different lifting options to raise your vehicle. When lifting your car, you need to keep yourself safe by purchasing the right jack stands for your car. You can find a large selection available on eBay to best meet your needs.