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About J Hook

Captain Hook used his as a threatening weapon to instill fear in others, but most people use their J hooks for more practical (and less malicious) purposes, such as towing a car or hanging a kayak up on the garage wall. The design of the J curve is ingenious in its simplicity: just a piece of metal or plastic with a gentle curve at the tip, and yet this simple design can tackle powerful projects. Hooked on the back of your tow truck, a tow J hook can help you haul thousands of pounds without breaking or snapping. Similarly, cable J hooks provide you with a way to store and secure heavy cables that would otherwise lie in a tangled mess on the floor. On eBay, you can find products from reliable sellers to meet all of your J hook needs, from tow hooks to kayak hooks. Next time you see an architect or designer who can't reign in his or her grand visualizations, remind them that there is beauty in simplicity, and point them toward the J hook.