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About IZOD Shorts

The air smells like spring as the sun shines brightly in the sky on a beautiful morning. As you pull on your IZOD shorts, you glance out the window. It is a perfect golfing day, and you are playing hooky from work and heading to the golf course. You prepared for this day over the winter by shopping for IZOD golf shorts on eBay. You found a great selection of both new and used merchandise, so you stocked up. Thanks to one of reliable sellers on eBay, you were able to find a pair of IZOD XFG shorts that you can wear on the course and off. The great cargo style is comfortable and has plenty of pockets you can use to hold extra golf balls as you play the sport you love. The new IZOD shorts fit perfectly, so you put on a matching shirt and head out the door for a fun day in the fresh air.