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About iTrip

You are zooming down the road and want to listen to your iPod using your car stereo. Luckily, you have the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter. This easy-to-install piece of equipment allows you to connect your iPod or iPhone wirelessly to your car stereo, giving you access to all of your favorite music. Another great feature of the iTrip includes the ability to make hands-free calls while driving. Or, you can try the Griffin iTrip Universal FM transmitter, which works with any audio source that features a headphone output. Its small size and USB power source make it perfect for use around the house, especially with laptops. Better yet, check out the iTrip Autopilot, a combination of the iTrip FM transmitter and an innovative control unit that automatically performs setup for you when first plugged in. You can find the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter and other great Griffin products from one of eBay's many reliable sellers.

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