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About Italian Leather Handbags

The leaning Tower of Pisa, a zesty plate of spaghetti, rich and creamy gelato, and soft, supple leather: from architecture to handbags, it seems Italians do a lot of things right. Marrying signature craftsmanship and fine materials, an Italian leather handbag lasts forever and feels "like butter." Whether it is a canary yellow clutch, an earthy brown backpack, or a shiny patent-leather satchel; products made from Italian leather offer high quality and chic, classic design. While some bags cost a pretty penny, shoppers find great deals on eBay offered through trusted sellers. Women on a budget might lean toward a Maurizio Taiuti satchel sporting features such as s chunky chain and crocodile leather handles, while those with more money to spend might opt for an authentic Gucci handbag, popular among movie stars and global jet setters. With hues of brown, black, white, cream, olive, red, and blue, along with a variety of unique patterns, there is an Italian leather handbag for every female. While a new bag offers a heady, new-leather smell, a vintage Italian leather bag combines soft, supple leather with distressed vintage style for a tote that becomes an ever-present sidekick.