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About Italian Horn

The Italian horn, AKA the "cornicello," is a good luck symbol that protects the wearer against the evil eye and any harm visited upon them through evil means. It is a traditional jewelry item worn by both men and women of Italy. The cornicello originated in ancient times and was worn by goddesses. Because of its important meaning, many Italians wear this symbol regularly. An Italian horn charm complements a necklace or bracelet. You can also find mini horn earrings. Another option is a ring with a large Italian horn adorned on it. All of these jewelry items, plus many more, are available on eBay. Consumers can find jewelry pieces in both gold and silver. Some feature the colors of the Italian flag, green, red, and white. The size of the Italian horn varies from item to item. Represent your Italian heritage and protect yourself from evil by wearing an Italian horn.