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About Istanbul

You close your eyes and the music transports you to another world—a musical world of Istanbul Agop. Istanbul Agop crafts cymbals in the Turkish tradition of its founder, Agop Tomurcuk, whose sons now carry on his legacy. The instrument manufacturer evolved to meet the needs of higher volume music beyond traditional jazz. It now makes cymbals for diverse musical styles and musicians, never straying from the core of quality that reverberates through each cymbal it creates. Percussion is an integral part of music of every type, and this old-world company designs Istanbul cymbals for a variety of musical genres. Jazz or rock percussionists find the hi-hat for the clash sound, and the ride, to provide the steady, swishing rhythm. Orchestras and bands will find marching and symphonic cymbals pivotal to their performances. Drummers who want to create auditory experiences that take listeners on musical magic carpet rides will find a world of new and gently loved Istanbul cymbals on eBay.