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About Iron Man Masks

With his endless array of gadgets and flying armor, there is no arguing that Iron Man is the coolest member of "The Avengers." It is no wonder then that Iron Man masks are some of the most coveted costumes for kids' parties. These plastic masks take their design from the movie prop and have all the grooves and contours found on the real thing. Quite notable is the vent that makes it possible to breathe through the mask, as well as the eyes, which are not slit openings but large enough to see through. To make your costume come alive, you need an Iron Man LED mask, which has eyes that light up. It is not just kids that get to have all the fun; there are Iron Man adult masks as well. The adult mask looks every bit like the kid's version, but comes in bigger sizes. Do not wait for Halloween or a birthday to bring out your inner Tony Stark. Pick up one of the wide selection of Iron Man masks on eBay and get ready to join up with the rest of The Avengers.