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About Iron Man Helmets

Tony Stark was famously able to build his Iron Man suit in a cave, using a bunch of scraps. Fortunately, fans of this comic book hero do not have to resort to cave welding if they want Iron Man helmets — simply look within the vast inventory on eBay. You cannot dress yourself as Iron Man without the iconic helmet that he wears. The Iron Man suit includes a red helmet with a gold faceplate that has two slender openings at eye level. There are replica helmets available for serious fans and those interested in putting together an Iron Man costume. These helmets are often made from lightweight materials, making them more comfortable to wear than an actual metal helmet. There are even Iron Man helmets available that allow the gold faceplate to slide upward, similar to the way the helmet operates in the films. You could also opt for an Iron Man toy helmet that may not be as comfortable to wear for long periods of time, but does have the ability to make sounds, light up, and play sounds. Or, if you prefer the silver and blue colors from the second film, find an "Iron Man 2" helmet.