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About Iron Man 1

Since his introduction by Marvel in 1963, this superhero has been battling to preserve the forces of good over evil. If you want to start at the beginning of his action-packed adventures the Iron Man 1 comic book is a must read. The Iron Man 1 comic allows you to follow billionaire Tony Stark in his early days as he battles villains like Blizzard and Arsenal. If you love Marvel, then shopping on eBay is the best way to get your comic fix. The Iron Man issue 1 comic was first printed in 1968 and is available in good and mint conditions. Looking to catch up with more recent adventures? No problem. The Iron Man 1 Now comic series is certain to please. Browse a large inventory of Marvel merchandise offered in a variety of conditions from trusted and reliable sellers. Shop anywhere, anytime, and check out amazing deals and convenient shipping options. The world of Iron Man awaits you.