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About IROC Rims

In 1985, Chevrolet released a new Camaro model named after the International Race of Champions, a popular racing competition. When looking for IROC rims for this Camaro through the large inventory on eBay, keep the rim sizes in mind. During the years when the IROC-Z was produced, 1985 through 1990, only rim sizes of 14 inches and 15 inches were used. However, the Camaro model for years after that uses diameters of anywhere from 14 inches up to 21 inches. It is possible to purchase Camaro rims that are the wrong diameter when you really need a set of IROC rims. The IROC only uses rims with a 5x120.65 bolt pattern but Camaro models may use this or a 5x120 bolt pattern. Knowing which bolt pattern and which two rim sizes the IROC-Z uses makes it much easier to track down the exact rims you need. To know for certain whether you need a 14- or 15-inch rim, take a look at the tire sidewalls for the tire size information that also indicates the rim diameter. Opt for polished aluminum, black painted, or standard chrome rims for your Camaro.