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About Irish

It's easier than ever to show pride in your country and heritage with shops all over the Internet that ship globally, and there's definitely more than enough merchandise to choose from if you want to represent your Irish pride. Even when searching for something as simple as an Irish sweater or shirt, there are categories within categories of options. Get a shirt with a snarky or punny phrase, such as the classic "Kiss Me I'm Irish," "Feck It," or Gaelic words and sayings. As the typical stereotype of the Irish portrays them being heavy drinkers, there are also many shirts and sweaters with the names of Irish bars. Besides clothing, Irish jewelry is rabidly popular, especially among women. Among famous symbols such as the claddagh, Celtic knots, and lucky four-leaf clover, there's a ring, necklace, or bracelet that's ideal for you. Search eBay for new and gently used Irish clothing, jewelry, and other merchandise to show everyone what a proud Irish man or woman you are.