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About iPod Touch 64GB

Want to carry around a massive collection of music, movies, television shows, podcasts, photographs, and applets in your pocket at all times and have it all accessible through a groundbreaking, intuitive touchscreen interface? With the iPod Touch 64 GB, the power to have all of this and more is quite literally in your hands. Combining the convenience of the iPod with the interface of popular Apple portable devices such as the iPhone and the iPad, the iPod Touch 64 GB gives you enormous storage space for media along with a world-class high resolution display and the universe of apps available through Apple's App Store, as well as the ability to send an receive email or even text message with other iOS device users over a Wi-Fi connection. The always vast selection on eBay includes the iPod Touch 64 GB new and used, as well as older models including the iPod Touch 3rd Generation 64 GB and the larger iPod Touch 5th Generation 64 GB, all though reliable sellers with safe and convenient shipping options for your electronic devices.