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About iPod Touch 16GB

Dance around your house, check your email, and take pictures all with a 16 GB iPod Touch. Beyond the iPod Classic, the iPod Touch takes electronics to a new level. Sure, you can hold over 3,000 songs on the 16 GB iPod Touch, but that just scratches the surface of what this device can do. The iPod Touch can play movies or TV shows on the go. Browse the large inventory on eBay to find the 5th generation iPod Touch that is perfect for you. Gain access to the Apple store, where you can find not just music and video, but apps as well. Play games, connect to the internet, and use the iPod Touch like your own mini laptop. The 16 GB iPod Touch screen is easy to use. With a quick swipe to unlock, all of your apps and music are literally at your fingertips. Listen to iTunes radio wherever you can connect to a wireless network. The iPod Touch is great for people on the go. Just grab the headphones that come with the 16 GB iPod Touch and take advantage of all this product offers.