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About iPod Nano

Sometimes you just want music: no news, no photos, no games—just music. Enter the ultra compact, featherweight iPod Nano. The aptly named iPod Nano has been through multiple transformations, starting with the 2GB 1st generation device, which featured the now-classic rotary control. Through the generations, these tiny MP3 players have been the go-to music player for runners, bicyclists and treadmill warriors. They can be attached to a Velcro armband for music or motivational audio to ease your run or workout. The 6th-generation iPod Nano goes full circle to the days of Dick Tracy, who introduced the more-than-a-wristwatch device to the world a few generations ago. The aluminum multi-touch wristwatch band case turns the iPod Nano 6 into a timepiece, thanks to the watch face app. Just snap the Nano into the casing, and you're ready to rock while keeping the device secure on your wrist. The strap's design gives you complete access to all buttons and control, allowing you to keep the device in the casing. The wrist strap is constructed of high-quality silicon rubber and is available in a variety of colors; the Nano is inserted into the casing with an Allen wrench. A necklace lanyard casing is also available to keep your Nano secure. The Nano 7 edges toward the tap-tap ease of an iPod Touch or iPhone. With basic icons on the retina screen, you can choose from music, video, radio, fitness and photo apps, among others. A wide array of cases fit the Nano 7, from ruggedized black rubber cases to impossibly cute teddy bear soft cases, as well as fitness armbands. Screen protectors are a must for active Nano 7 users; a cracked screen takes all the sleek, shiny fun out of having an iPod.