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About iPod FM Transmitter

While you were young, you used to make mix tapes to listen to during long road trips. Now as a parent, you know better than to ask your kids how the iPod FM transmitter plugged into the cigarette lighter socket works. You have to look the part of "the cool mom." A car iPod FM transmitter connects an iPod to the car stereo by picking an FM frequency and mimicking a radio station. This allows you to listen to your personal music library rather than the local FM stations. Unlike the mix tapes of your youth, there is no limit to the number of songs you can put in your iPod playlist. Some FM transmitters, like the Griffin iPod FM transmitter, will even charge your iPod while it is playing. There is a wide selection of these FM transmitters offered by reputable sellers on eBay. The kids may enjoy their teen pop songs but you can see how getting an iPod FM transmitter will help you enjoy your huge library of audio books.

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