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About iPod Classic 30GB

While you can no longer get the original iPod Classic from iPod, you can still own one of these no-nonsense music and video players. Just browse the large inventory from reliable sellers on eBay to find an iPod Classic 30 GB that is right for you. This iPod does not have a touch screen, as the original iPods were built to just play music and videos. The controls are simple: a turn wheel, a menu button, a play/pause button, and left and right arrows. The iPod Classic 30 GB is a product that was designed to last; the battery life will last longer than the new versions of iPods with no other applications running. The iPod Classic 30 GB can store about 7,500 songs (or about 14 hours worth of music) or about two hours worth of videos. The iPod Classic 30 GB is the ideal portable music player. Whether you want to listen to music on an airplane, on a run, or in your car, use the iPod Classic 30 GB to store your favorite songs. Get ready to fill your new iPod Classic 30 GB with your favorite music and start dancing.