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The best thing about the iPod Classic 160GB is its storage capacity. It may be an older device, but it's not vintage electronics. No one wants to run out of room on their portable audio player, and this player makes sure you never will.

About iPod Classic 160GB

In the quiet hours of the morning while jogging, you experience pure Nirvana: the clean air, the cool feel of the wind against your skin, the rush of endorphins in your system — all of this intensified by the pure gold streaming from your 160 GB iPod Classic. Most music files average 4 MB. This means, a 160 GB iPod can hold up to 40,000 tunes or a total of 120,000 minutes of music. That gives you enough songs to last you for four straight months on steady play. It helps that the iPod classic is built for the task. iPod classic devices come with batteries that can support more than 30 hours of music playback, cutting back on the amount of time you spend recharging. Available on eBay, the iPod classic comes in different models, which offer slightly different features. For instance, the 7th generation iPod classic comes with a 2.5-inch color LED screen that allows for video playback. Sleek, compact, and easy to use, the 160 GB iPod Classic makes an ideal gift for a loved one. The iPod classic is not just designed for outdoor enthusiasts. It is also a good fit for students, business professionals, stay-at-home moms, grandparents — essentially anyone who loves music. You could say everybody.