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About iPhone Lens

You have this awesome idea for a picture and reach for your iPhone to take it, but as you raise it and look at the picture you're about to snap, you realize it won't work. On its own, the iPhone just doesn't have the picture capabilities of a full camera, but you could make it more able with an iPhone lens or two. Much as with a traditional camera, exchangeable lenses enable you to take a wider variety of pictures. However, unlike traditional lenses, the iPhone versions affix in their own way instead of to pre-made slots. This doesn't make a refurbished fisheye lens any less useful when you want to take a wide angle shot with all your friends though. You're not even restricted to a few lens types, as eBay's reliable sellers have a variety of options. Find a zoom lens to let your iPhone get a close up of that weird animal that comes prowling around your backyard. Your phone is only so smart before you need to take over and do the thinking for it, as well. So, think ahead and get the iPhone lens favored by your favorite photographer.