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Apps, movies, games, and ? yes ? talking on the phone are just a few of the top features of your iPhone and some of the biggest power drains as well. Keep the entertainment, productivity, and power going with an OEM iPhone charger. For iPhone 4 and earlier generations, look for a 30-pin terminal to connect with the device's port at the bottom of the case. This power cable has a USB plug that can connect to an OEM iPhone wall charger or the USB port on a computer. Apple offers ultracompact 5W USB adapters with fixed prongs as well as 12W USB power adapters. In 2012, Apple introduced the eight-pin Lightning connectors for use with iPhone 5 models. Because many iPhone users upgraded from the 4 to the 5 model, a Lightning to 30-pin adapter eases the transition without requiring users to purchase entirely new components. For connecting while on the go, an OEM iPhone car charger allows you to keep your device powered up for maximum usage. Check the listings by reliable sellers on eBay for the OEM iPhone charger that best meets your needs. Look for bundles that include several adapter types for additional flexibility to keep your iPhone's juice topped off.