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About iPhone 5 Home Button

You try to take a screenshot on your iPhone by hitting the home and lock button, but your iPhone 5 home button is not functioning properly anymore and you only succeed in locking your phone. It is not unusual for the home button to wear out and become less sensitive on an iPhone. This does not mean that you necessarily need to replace your entire phone. You can look within the large inventory on eBay for a replacement button instead. A malfunctioning home button is often not the result of a faulty button, but rather problems within the assembly behind the button. This is why iPhone 5 home button repair and replacement kits typically come with parts such as a home button, flex wires, and bracket holders. The home button on an iPhone 5 can be accessed by removing the face of the phone, and replacement buttons generally also come with the tools necessary to remove this piece. Once you have the tools necessary, you can make the repairs yourself or take them to a phone repair professional for assistance, as this can be a complicated process.