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About iPhone 5 HDMI

You want to show your friends some hilarious videos you found online, and luckily the days of all crowding around the tiny phone screen are over. With so many of your favorite media moments stored on your smartphone, from movies to funny online videos, using an iPhone 5 HDMI adapter to transfer the picture onto a big screen TV is a good move. An HDMI cable is simple to use, as you only need to connect one end of the cable to your iPhone, and the other to your TV or monitor before all those fantastic images are displayed in 1080p resolution. Having the ability to connect your iPhone 5 to an HDMI adapter also means you can take those classic movies with you to a friend's house, or even an important presentation to work, without having to transfer if beforehand. Getting the best out of your smartphone has never been easier, and the large inventory on eBay means you can find an iPhone 5 HDMI adapter as well as cables and other phone accessories to make better use of your phone's considerable capabilities.

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