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About iPhone 5 FM Transmitter

Rather than clutter your car with a mess of wires and blinking lights, you can cruise clean and clear and listen to your favorite music over the old-fashioned radio waves of an iPhone 5 FM transmitter. iPhone 5 owners who drive cars with stereos that predate Bluetooth technology and have no auxiliary inputs can fill the void with an iPhone 5 FM wireless transmitter. The transmitter plugs neatly into the headphone jack of the Apple gadget and transmits music, notifications, and phone call audio to the car radio. Even vintage car stereos can become hands-free speakerphones with the turn of a radio dial. An iPhone 5 FM transmitter charger does double duty, keeping the phone juiced while providing the audio bridge, and there is zero additional radiation emitted by these tiny transmitters. Bluetooth devices are also perfectly safe, and the large inventory on eBay also includes iPhone 5 FM transmitter models that plug into dashboard outlets, receiving audio from the iPhone via Bluetooth and then transmit it into the car stereo via FM radio.

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