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About iPhone 4 Tmobiles

Enjoy your favorite playlists, exclusive App Store apps, and maps of the world when you choose a T-Mobile iPhone 4. The original smartphone, your new or new-to-you iPhone 4 features HD video, a front and back camera, SMS and MMS text messaging, and 3G technology that allows you Web access outside coveted Wi-Fi zones. FaceTime with your friends and feel like you are in a George Jetson future world, albeit one without the flying cars. For even speedier Internet, choose a T-Mobile 4G iPhone 4 from the large inventory found on eBay that gets you to your favorite social media site in a flash. Store photos, back it up to iCloud, and always know your information is safe when using Apple's advanced technology. Choose a different carrier with the freedom a T-Mobile factory-unlocked iPhone 4 brings. Without a binding contract, you save cash in the long run and can switch carriers at will to fit your financial situation. Have the world at your fingertips with premier smartphone technology when you choose a T-Mobile iPhone 4.

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