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About iPhone 4 Logic Board

The logic board is the heart and soul of your iPhone and acts the motherboard for the device, so once it has issues or breaks entirely, you may think that you have to start shopping for a new smartphone. However, you can replace your iPhone 4 logic board quite easily instead of shelling out for another phone. An iPhone 4 16 GB logic board works for the iPhone 4 and 4S models. You may have to later activate iCloud once you replace your broken logic board with this version, but otherwise, a replacement with this part yields you a functioning smartphone. If you want a board that works across multiple phone models, try an iPhone 4 CDMA logic board. CMDA, or code division multiple access, means that this part fits even if you have an older iPhone 4. You can find an iPhone 4 logic board as well as other parts among the vast inventory available on eBay.

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