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About iPhone 4 Front and Backs

Even as it sailed from your grip, you agreed that people with glass phones should not toss them across the room. Just as you feared, your friend failed to catch the phone and the iPhone 4 front and back glass shattered. The downside of having a beautiful phone crafted in glass is that it is fragile. Sadly, you could not bear to cover this beauty in a hard case. So, now you need iPhone 4 front LCD and back glass replacements. You should also ensure that the front LCD screen has a digitizer included. Fortunately, you can find the right iPhone 4 front and back screen among the wide selection of cell phone displays and covers offered by reliable sellers on eBay. If you want to fix the broken parts yourself, there are iPhone 4 front and back replacement screen kits that include the tools required for the repair. Once fixed, you may want to consider getting a protective case.