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About iPhone 4 Cracked Screen

You crafted the perfect story about breaking your arm while taking a cliff-scaling selfie, when in reality, you only sprained it learning how to break dance. An iPhone 4 with a cracked screen is the missing evidence to prove it. Browse the vast selection of Apple smartphones on eBay, which includes the iPhone 4 with a cracked screen. All phones are functional despite a weathered exterior and can let you finally get the iPhone you have always wanted. You can purchase one of these fallen soldiers, and replace the screen separately for a thrifty workaround to splurging on a new phone. Get introduced to Siri, the best assistant you never had, on a cracked iPhone 4S from AT&T. Other great features include a high-resolution digital camera, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capability, and GPS navigation. Call it rugged, call it mosaic — an iPhone with a split screen boosts your street cred tenfold while getting the job done.

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