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Make your cell phone or pda your own with a new iPhone 4 case from eBay. Cases are the most popular cell phone accessories because they're both functional and stylish. A case is the best way to protect your phone and make sure it stands out in the crowd.

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About iPhone 4 Cases

As careful as you are, gravity has finally won – you dropped your phone and the screen is cracked. As you activate your replacement iPhone 4, you realize it is a good idea to use an iPhone 4 case right from the start. Cases can do more than just protect your phone from drops — they also protect your phone from water damage, scratches, and cracks, while still maintaining your individual style. You can find sleek and tough iPhone 4 silicone cases that divert impact forces from drops, as well as iPhone 4 waterproof cases that help protect against water damage and scratches. Show off your personal style with designer case brands like Coach, Juicy Couture, or Hello Kitty, which are available from trusted sellers on eBay. You can choose an iPhone 4 case that protects your phone and maintains your creativity, allowing you to express your individuality through your smartphone.