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About iPhone 4 Back

The iPhone 4S is a fantastic piece of technology that is hard to part with, and a cracked or utterly shattered back is a huge mar on its aesthetics. Fix up your phone with an iPhone 4S back, available on eBay from reliable sellers. Remove and replace the phone?s back glass with a replacement kit. Some of these options come with the necessary screws and tools to successfully execute a home replacement and save yourself a little cash. A back cover, on the other hand, is a case that protects the back of your iPhone and most likely the outer rim of the front glass as well. Phone covers come in an assortment of options, like zebra or leopard print, a wide spectrum of colors, or pictorial odes to pop culture. No matter what your style, you are sure to find a cover that reflects your personal style. Fix up or protect your iPhone 4S back on your terms