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About iPad 3

The soft evening breeze gently teases your face as you relax outdoors while reading the last chapter of a novel on your iPad 3. The iPad is not just an electronic device. It is an electronic companion — one that is designed to meet your daily digital needs. It is an eBook reader, video player, and music player all in one. Paired with other iPad 3 accessories, such as an Apple dock or wireless keyboard, the iPad becomes even more: alarm clock, POS system, teaching tool and more. With more than a million apps available to users, the 3rd Generation iPad gives owners an incredible amount of functionality, all instantly available with a tap or swipe. Its high definition screen makes it the perfect medium for surfing the web or catching up on the latest YouTube video sensation. Available on eBay, the iPad 3 comes in different configurations ranging from 16 GB to 64 GB, and with the optional LTE support. Perfect gifts are hard to find, but the iPad comes close. It is not just a device; it is an invaluable digital companion designed for everyone.