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Sell your Apple iPad 1 on eBay!

About iPad 1

Initially hailed as a product that would change technology forever, the iPad 1 is a hip and highly capable gadget that has impacted how consumers play, communicate, and get work done. Although future iPad generations are available, the debut model is lightweight, easy to use, and has a generous 9.7-inch screen size. Find a vast inventory on eBay and discover black and white versions to match your preference. Choose a 16 GB Wi-Fi model that connects to any Wi-Fi hub, or choose one that can be used whenever you are in range of a compatible AT&T 3G network. This first-generation tablet provides high quality graphics that make it good for streaming movies, video conferencing, or using as an electronic reading device. No matter how you depend on the tablet, keep it thoroughly protected with an iPad 1 case. Find some made from beautiful leather, or select one with a built-in stand so you do not have to prop up the device on its own. Shop more iPads and accessories.

Sell your Apple iPad on eBay!