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About Iolite

They say that on overcast days the Vikings used iolite as a compass to determine the direction of the sun and guide their voyages. When you heard that, you knew you had to get this gem as a gift for your best friend to wear at her wedding. Although it resembles quartz and is sometimes called water sapphire, this gemstone is unique and usually blue or violet. You can see how well a pair of iolite earrings will complement the dress your friend intends to wear on her big day. There is no doubt that she will look stunning. You like the stone so much, you pick out a iolite ring to wear with your bridesmaid outfit. You can find iolite among the wide selection of jewelry available on eBay and reliable sellers offer a range of convenient shipping options that deliver it safely to your door. You have ample time to find a beautiful box so that you are ready to present the gift before the main event.