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About Invicta Bolt

Aimed at sharp dressers who need a smart and snappy watch to match their attitude and attire, the Invicta Bolt is recognized as one of the most stylish watches available, and you can find it in new or used condition on eBay. More than style, these watches hit you with a bolt of attitude and presence. In short, Invicta Bolt does everything bigger: larger bands, larger timepieces, larger gears visible through the glass that covers each watch. Their finishes are smooth and polished, and the jewelry fastened around the bezel glimmers in the light, so be prepared for your watch to attract plenty of attention. If you prefer, you can find watches with differences in construction and finish to match your tastes better. The Invicta Bolt Zeus piece exhibits a sharper design, while the Invicta Bolt black watches eschew the traditional blend of gold and silver over the body for gold and silver trim around a black band and timepiece. No matter which model you prefer, prepare to marvel at the precise, solid movements observable through the glass cover of your watch. The Invicta Bolt stands for solidity, power, and presence. Never settle for anything less the pinnacle of each.