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About Internet Radio

Gone are the days of families darning socks around the glow of massive radios. Internet radio is a popular form of audio entertainment used around the world. The ease and customizability of Internet radio surpasses the passive entertainment of traditional AM/FM radio. Wi-Fi Internet radios allow you to listen to tens of thousands of global radio stations. These devices are popular because they support the major online services, such as Pandora and premium SiriusXM subscriptions. An Internet radio receiver functions just the same as an old-school radio. After connecting the receiver to the local Internet, it can receive audio streams. Additionally, it streams media from local computers, making it a power house entertainment system. Some models support the use of smartphones as remote controls, even when away from home. Internet radios have typical features like clocks, alarms, sleep timers, and presets. Browse eBay for used or new products from reliable sellers and get listening today.