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About Intermountain

All aboard, the train has arrived at the station. The fun of a model train set, particularly featuring Intermountain railways cars, brings to mind a simpler time and the joys of childhood games of make believe. However, model trains are for more than just young kids passing a lazy afternoon. In fact, it is a huge hobby and Intermountain contributes a lot to it. Operating with more than 600 hobby dealers in 14 countries, an Intermountain kit allows collectors and children alike the chance to experience the fun and excitement of model train building. Intermountain HO scale trains, as well as those from the Z and N scale, compliment many model train setups. Using eBay to find that perfect piece ensures buyers that they will have easy access to a variety of new and used train cars and parts. Model trains are more than just a hobby. They are an escape, a sort of dream. As the steam rolls up into the sky and the hiss of the engine accelerates the cars, the thrill and excitement of trains comes alive for true enthusiasts, even if just in their imagination.