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About Interconnects Cables

You are what is known as an audiophile; you take your sound very seriously and have spent a lot of time wiring every inch of your home. You know that the interconnect system is one of the most important components of your audio schematic. Interconnects are the cables that run between your head unit and other components as well as to speakers and the like with pickups appropriate to the interface. Not only do you focus on quality and brand, such as the Zu Audio XLR interconnect set of cables you picked up last year, but you like an easy install, which is why you went for plug-and-play interconnects in the first place. While some brands of audio interconnect cables come with differently colored wires so users know which plug to associate them with, you prefer a more subdued style, such as that offered by Apature. The Apature line offers basic black cable with silver interconnect ends that are banded so you know where they go. Find all your interconnect cables from reliable sellers on eBay that offer variety and fast delivery.

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