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About Intel SSD

Your hard drive is getting old and the absolute last thing you want to have happen is one of those stories you heard from tech support where the hard drive eats itself alive in a cascade of crunching and burning. An Intel SSD (solid state drive) solves both of your problems for you at once. Not only does it give you another hard drive to make up for your failing one, but the lack of moving parts ensures it never has the kind of catastrophic failure you watch from across the room. A new or refurbished 60GB SSD works for you if you're not intending to do much beyond work on your computer. The quicker retrieval speeds even help boost your productivity by ensuring you don't sit around for five minutes waiting for your computer to load. However, if you're looking to combine business and pleasure, a 180GB SSD serves you better. Your particular needs determine what you're looking for, but eBay's reliable sellers have you covered. The speedy, reliable, and spacious nature of a well-picked Intel SSD stands between you and disaster quickly and easily.