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About Integrated Amplifiers

The layman may not know what an integrated amplifier is, much less what it does. However, ask an audiophile, and they?ll say "Of course!" An integrated amplifier is the magic box of the music industry. But even experienced audio mavens may get confused when searching on eBay for a new amp. What?s the difference between a Yamaha or a NAD or even a Marantz? Yamaha is known for sleek design and simplistic functionalities. You can hook it up to your iPod, computer, or any other device that plays internet radio and no matter what you are connected to, it will sound fantastic. NAD amps are easy to use and don?t muddy the works with buttons on top of buttons. They are straightforward and produce high quality audio. The Marantz lets you play all forms of media?from LPs to CDs, or even DVD audio disks. With a Marantz, you have ultimate versatility that produces incredible sound and is great for any room. When you get an integrated amplifier, you can turn up the music and really get the party going.

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