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About Integra Lips

Installing a spoiler on your Acura Integra is a simple way to give your ride a custom design, often allowing the car to look as though it is gliding along just above the surface of the road. Integra lips are the accessories that allow these cars to make such a striking impression. The lip attaches just below the front bumper of the car, giving the vehicle a more sporty and aggressive appearance. These spoilers are often polyurethane, an ideal material that makes them light enough to hang easily from the bumper while also being durable and resistant to cracks and scratches. Integra lips are designed to fit perfectly with the factory bumper of an Acura Integra. Each lip fits the body style of a particular model year of the Integra but may be compatible with other model years as well. For example, a lip may be compatible with any Integra from 1994 to 1997. When browsing through the many different types of Integra lips available within the large inventory on eBay, check to ensure that the piece you are considering is compatible with your vehicle.